A break from the tradition: Pahampang excludes cheering competition

Video produced by Adrian Jimenea

After many years, this year’s Pahampang will go on without the traditional highlight of the event: the cheering competition.

Over the years, it has become an avenue for the freshmen to get to know each other as it is one of the first major activities in the university they are highly encouraged to participate in. However, because of the minimal number of new students, it has been agreed upon by the University Student Council to omit the said competition from the series of events in Pahampang. This elicited mixed reactions from the students.

“It’s alright na walang cheering kasi I’ve been through it na. But on the other hand, I also kinda wish there was because cheering is a way to bring people together, especially na shiftee ako, it would have helped me to get to know my batchmates sana.” This was the sentiment of Romeena Camille Memoria, a Communication and Media Studies sophomore student.

(It’s alright that there’s no cheering because we’ve already been trhough it. But on the other hand, I also kind of wish that there was because cheering is a way to bring people together, especially that I’m a shiftee, it would have helped me get to know my batchmates.)

Meanwhile, Paolo Nabor, a BS in Marketing student, said that the exclusion was expected since the freshman population has been greatly reduced to almost zero.

Despite being one of the most anticipated events in the UPV community, the cheering competition does not hold the same level of significance for all academic orgs. The Skimmers, for example, being the champion for four consecutive years since 2008 until 2012, was devastated when they lost the proverbial crown to the Elektrons. While these two organizations have always been up against each other especially in this particular competition, the College of Management (CM), on the other hand, isn’t that concerned.

Skimmers governor Shyle Frederique Juaneza also expressed that it’s not a complete loss. “Of course, it’s a shame since this is where Skimmers really excel and prove to the whole UPV Community that although we may not be the best at sports, at least we give a good fight in Cheering,” she said.

Over the past few years, winning the competition meant having additional points equal to that of a major event. Needless to say, it would be vital for an org that’s vying for the championship in the over-all ranking. However, the cheering competition has become more than just something that needs to be won in order to rack up points.

The cheering competition was considered as a platform for students to creatively air out their concerns regarding the university and the government. Aside from this, spiting other contending orgs has also become a staple in their routine.

However, even without the cheering competition in this year’s Pahampang, the students and teachers remain ecstatic for the games lined up for them in the next few weeks.

Written by Czar Ian Esquivel, Alahna Sy


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