Altitude Music Fest to highlight UWeek 2017


Altitude Music Festival, the first of its kind in the university, is set to highlight this year’s university week, which will last from February 20-25, 2017.

Independent Filipino band The Ransom Collective will headline the music festival which will also feature independent acts in the region including bands, solo artists, and DJs, all of whom will perform on Friday, February 24.

Included in the list of bands to perform during the festival are Scroll Down, Frac/tions, The Pretzels, and Spending Pendulum.

The University Student Council (USC) also confirmed that there will be acts from the university who will take the Altitude stage.

The idea of a music festival rooted from a suggestion presented by the USC to different organizations during a meeting in the previous semester.

According to USC Councilor Julia Gimenez, the idea received positive response from the organizations who were willing to sponsor the event.

She said, “It slowly became the highlight and the culminating activity for University Week 2017.”

Together with the USC, UP STELLA JURIS SORORITY, UP SILAK Brotherhood, and UP Validus Amicitia Brotherhood will also sponsor the event.

70 years of UP presence

This year’s University Week serves as a celebration of the 70th Anniversary of UP presence in Iloilo.

OPENING DAY. The UWeek celebration kicks off at the Iloilo City campus on Monday, February 20. The opening program was attended in by officials, faculty, and students of UP High School in Iloilo. Photo courtesy of UPV’s official Facebook page.

A college will sponsor each day with celebrations and programs of their respective communities. These activities range from awarding of honorific scholars of each college to the  short film fests.

According to a report from UPV’s website, activities during the UWeek will include exhibits, debates, plays, food fairs, and boodle lunches. These activities “cove topics on business, leadership, food technology, fisheries, and the arts and sciences.”

Records state that UP Iloilo College opened in 1947 at the “site of what was then the Iloilo City Hall.” Thirty-three years later, in October 1980, UP Visayas opened with two colleges: College of Fisheries and College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information on the events during the UWeek, click here.


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